We offer wide range of opportunities for those of you who would like to become involved with Adventure Based Learning as a volunteer, associate or consultant. Please get in touch and enquire to find out more.

We are currently seeking young people who would like to train as winter mountaineers...See our events page for more information and get in touch.

Committee members

If you are interested in assisting to steer where we apply for and spend money, we are always open to consider new Committee members.


We are always interested to hear from outdoor and specialist instructors, forward your c.v. and qualifications

Consultant members

If you are running a club, association or are part of a community group we would love to discuss and advise upon how we can best involve your group in adventure based learning activities. You may be interested in involving your group on one of our projects or courses, or you may have some ideas of your own that you would like us to help develop. e-mail us your thoughts include details of your project, client group and needs.


Many different people volunteer for many different reasons: experience, qualifications, try new things, meet new people. Volunteering with us will gain you access to all these things and more:

• Get more experience
• Get more qualified
• Boost Your Skills
• Increase your Confidence
• Find more Opportunities
• Dig Deep
• Take Control
• You Can do it