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Adventure Based Learning (ABL) was set up in 2011 as a community interest company. Its aim is to encourage and enable people of all ages and abilities to access the outdoors and enjoy the the great benefits that it has to offer.

ABL uses experiential learning: We believe that people learn best when they: 


  • are having fun

  • are interested in what they are learning

  • are actively participating 

  • feel a sense of control 

  • can reflect on the experience afterwards

  • can make connections to other learning and life situations.


We succeed where mainstream educational methods may fail. 

  • We use achievable goals to reinforce positive learning experiences. 

  • We use challenging team situations to uncover our skills and differences.

  • Students begin to recognize their strengths and qualities in a safe and managed environment..

  • They further reinforce their learning by reflecting on and discussing their personal contribution.  

  • Adventure-based learning programs have been immensely successful in achieving both educational and personal goals.

 ALL our activities are:

fun, challenging, achievable, empowering and inclusive

Healthier lifestyles

Learners are encouraged to engage in a range of outdoor  pursuits including horticulture. At ABL we are committed to promoting positive lifestyles with an emphasis on healthy eating. We have a large organic garden producing all year round vegetables and seasonal fruit where everybody is welcome to participate.  


Planning  projects with people helps them to become more confident in putting their views across and making decisions. These are skills are transferable into everyday life. 

Self reliance, esteem and confidence

By trying something new and adventurous - participants become more confident about trying other new things, overcoming fears, solving problems, show improved social well being, personal independence and motivation.

Unlocking barriers to learning

We incorporate accreditations into informal delivery schemes and voluntary programmes.

This gives participants a refreshing outlook on how to approach learning, seeing it as an opportunity for a facilitator to develop skills, knowledge and experience in a manner and speed appropriate to the learner rather than a force - fed mass of information from a 'teacher'.

Cooperation, Team working & Communication 

By interacting with other people participants learn about working cooperatively.

With regular reflective workshops we begin to become more self aware of how our actions impact on others and how we can improve communication and cooperative skills to make a better working team.    

Just some of the groups that have benefited from

Adventure Based Learning


Mark Hilton

PGCE qualified youth and community worker 

Mountain Leader

Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

Expeditions across the Alps, Mont Blanc, Arctic island of Svalbard

Wilderness First Aid


Ellie Byram

Qualified Teacher

Forest School Leader

Mountain Leader Summer 

Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

BCU Kayak Instructor/ Level 3 Canoe

Forest School First Aid


Youth and community worker

Mountain Bike Leader

Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

First Aid


Jason Bromley
Zahid Rasul

Archery Instructor


Kevin Beattie

Messing about on the Mersey

BCU Canoe Instructor


Chris Washington


Indoor Climbing Instructor

Trainee Forest School Assistant

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