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Outdoor Education

23. Truly walking on thin Air!

It’s easy to think of outdoor education as a treat or soft option for academia, but research supports the argument that many of the skills that we pick up or learn through outdoor adventure can be the backbone of how learners perceive education and what motivates them.


There are many possible softer educational outcomes that your client could gain through us such as:

  • Self confidence

  • Planning

  • Resilience & determination

  • Self reliance

  • Self esteem

  • Healthier lifestyles

  • Healthier eating

  • Dealing with and managing fears

  • Empowerment and decision making


Doing activities such as: working out distances, timings, pacing, bearings, identifying, observation and referencing incorporates sneaky Maths and English into our sessions without anyone even being aware.


Our activities list includes:

  • Identification – plants, animals, bugs, fungi, birds, trees

  • Creative sessions – working with natural materials such as clay, wood, seeds, nuts, leaves etc.

  • Fire Safety -  preparation and area, flint & steel, tinder, kindling

  • Navigation – map reading, distances, compass work, pacing, timing.

  • Survival skills – shelter building,

  • Climbing / abseiling – safety at heights, knots, risk factors, trust, confidence.

  • Worm-holing – managing fears and emotions

  • Preparing and cooking food – self reliance


Wherever the client meets the criteria, we should be able to accredit their learning with some recognised qualifications or internal certifications.

This would promote a sense of achievement and give them something to relate back to. For example:

  • National Navigation Awards – Young star navigator (bronze/silver/ gold)

  • NICAS – indoor climbing award

  • Pre-entry level – visiting a forest school

  • Entry Level – community gardening

  • Level One – bushcraft skills

The list isn’t prescriptive or predetermined.

If there is something you would like to incorporate or consider we can dynamically adapt to suit your needs.

We cover tuition, protective clothes / weather-proofs, boots, rucksack, equipment and PPE.

We also facilitate group learning, team building, residential and expedition groups.



 Activities may be affected / postponed by the weather and changed depending on conditions.

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