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World Adventures

Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc

Stay in some of the remote refuge huts as you walk the 100 miles in 10 days around the Mont Blanc Massive crossing into 3 countries and ascending over 1,000M per day.


£1,200 per person 

Mont Blanc Summit

Ascend the 4,800M of Europe's highest mountain.

Stay in some of the highest refuge huts as you take the 4 day trip up and down the Mont Blanc Massive.


£500 per person 


Svalbard Island

Experience minus 30 degrees, snow mobiles, ice climbing,  


£500 per person 

Mount Teide

Mount Teide

Highest Mountain in Spain at 3,718 M

Experience climbing the worlds 3rd highest active volcano, gain access to restricted areas and resistricted camping, witness an immense diversity of climates, flora and fauna, walk across the pyroclastic flows, the world's longest sea shadow, film set for Clash of the titans, 1million years BC, Star wars  


£500 per person 


Mount Aneto 

Highest Mountain on mainland Spain at 3,400M


GR10 & GR11

walking routes on Northern and Southern sides of the French / Spanish border that stretch the 955km from Atlantic to Mediterranean 


Guatamalan Pyramid hunting


After flying over the jungle canopy spotting ancient pyramids and cities hidden within the jungle we land in the small northern town of Flores and travel out to Tikal and then on foot through the jungle to make contact with some of the world's most illusive and recently discovered Mayan artefacts. We can also visit some current archaeological digs to help with some of the latest ground breaking research.

Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu

With evidence of technologies far beyond our own, the areas around Machu Pichu are littered with ancient monuments demonstrating a knowledge long forgotten.


We look to take you off the beaten track to discover something that your regular visitor or tourist would never see. 


Mera Peak

See the world's 6 highest mountains from the top of Mera Peak



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